WHY CHOOSE a Knaus Caravan?

Customers are the main focus for Knaus and the two most important elements are practicality and excellent design. Everything must work like clockwork but at the same time look simply outstanding. When Knaus creates new interiors, customers can be sure these set new standards for weight, stability, workmanship and design. Their vehicles have been designed using automotive and aerodynamic techniques. This not only makes them look good but helps save fuel and protect the environment. Durability, timeless design and reliability, these are what you can count on with every Knaus caravan.



The practicality and convenience in the NorthStar is unmatched to any other caravan in the industry.  

All of the layouts have fixed bed options saving you precious holiday time making the bed up at night. Not only this with the ample amount of space and underfloor heating then nothing comes close to luxury living away from home. 



Whichever way the wind blows, the SÜDWIND raises a storm of enthusiasm with a completely over-worked interior and exterior design as well as many standard equipment highlights. You can look forward to modern furniture design in integral construction, energy‐saving interior lighting with LED technology and our extra‐wide body door. We also ensure a strong appearance on the outside, with the revised CATEYE evolution rear tail lights, the elegant roof made of high‐strength fibreglass, and a timeless silhouette that lives up to SÜDWIND’s name!



Romantic evenings together or an action‐packed time at the seaside with the family. The KNAUS SPORT simply provides added value. We invested everything during its development to attain the maximum for you. And it was worth it, because the low weight of all the models allows it to cope with additional load and is therefore also perfectly suitable for smaller towing vehicles. In a nutshell: An excellent low price alternative for all holiday situations.



Our dynamic Lifestyle load master combines the best of two worlds. Progressive design and an unbelievable amount of room for plenty of action. Rear door open, bikes in, camping equipment into the huge bow compartment and off you go. Wherever you want and for as long as you like. The SPORT&FUN is the extreme sports athlete of caravans.



The extraordinary furniture construction and the stylish interior in cocooning design make the AZUR a real dream home. Inside and out, it impresses with its unique, dynamic light signature. Special highlight: the self‐healing FibreFrame.



Thanks to the state‐of‐the‐art FibreFrame technology, the DESEO is even more flexible and spacious. The variable room layout and trend‐setting construction ensures the perfect balance between usable and living space, so that even two fully‐fledged motorcycles can be transported. At its destination, the DESEO transforms into a fully equipped, comfortable caravan.

🐣🌷 Easter Closure Notice! 🌷🐣

As Easter approaches, we wanted to inform you of our holiday closure schedule. Please note that we will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday to allow our team to spend precious time with their loved ones and celebrate the joyous occasion.

However, we are pleased to announce that we will be open on Saturday, providing you with the opportunity to visit us and explore our range of services and products. Whether you’re in need of caravan servicing or seeking your next adventure vehicle, our team will be here to assist you.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Easter filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of chocolate eggs!

Warm regards, The Barnsdale Leisure Team 🚐🌟