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Knaus Travelino Caravan


The KNAUS TRAVELINO demonstrates that a good idea does not vanish into thin air. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The result is a congenial caravan which starts a new era in caravan construction. When a vision enters series production all indicators point to revolution. Ultra‐light Revolution Cube furniture construction - Fully equipped kitchen - Integrated LED lighting.


The seat bench quickly converts into a bed but in addition the bed in the front, TRAVELINO also optionally provides two seating group in the rear and front. With only a few moves, both can be transformed into a double bed so that four places to sleep are created.

Intelligent room arrangement - For more range of motion and a better spatial feeling, you can cut the size of the bathroom in half. As long as nobody is using it, of course.

Efficient use of space - Thanks to the spacious mirror cabinet, fold-able washbasin and additional shelves.

Knaus Travelino Caravan
Knaus Travelino Caravan