T@B 320 RS

CLEAR, STRUCTURED, DISCREET Attention, lover of purism: Without a lot of bells and whistles the T @ B BASIC confidently enchants with its distinctive shape and the usual chic interior design. Simple coolness always works!
T@B 320 RS
T@B 320 RS
T@B 320 RS


  • New revamped model
  • Headroom increased to 190cm
  • Towable by most cars
  • 650 kg includes all equipment

T@B has completely revamped the two berth 320RS touring van for this season, the main feature being that the headroom is now190cm. This little gem retains all its retro looks however and importantly with basic equipment of just 650kg it can be towed by almost any car.

The external body length is just 518cms, with a width of just 199cms and a total height of 245cms. Available in 3 bodyshell styles (Basic/ Metropolis/ Mexican Sunset). Popular options include weight increases to 850kg (+100kg) or 1000 kg (+250kg), a Truma S2200 space heater, Dometic refrigerator, blinds and nets plus an upholstered stool to store your Thetford Porta Potti.

Also available is a stylish, easy to erect, Isabella Sun canopy which creates additional outside space to get some real shade or even rain protection when touring.



320 RS

Dimension (L x W) 518 x 199

T@B 320 RS Caravan Layout

Layout - Living



  • Living
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping
Eating together or just sitting together – both are a luxury that we like to treat ourselves to on holiday. it’s best done outside, but what can you do if it‘s raining? then just sit in the cosy seating corner of the T@B. here you have a place to eat or to let the day unwind with a glass of wine.
T@B 320 RS
T@B 320 RS
The cosy seating corner is quickly transformed into a small sleeping paradise, providing a convenient place for two people.
T@B 320 RS


Example purchase price from: £10,450