T@B caravans

Launched by Knaus Tabbert in 2004 at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, the unique, hip, retro designed T@B teardrop caravan received universal acclaim.

The T@B teardrop caravan lays claim to having revolutionised caravan design for the smaller car and family. Design led its retro style and cool silver exterior hide the legendary build quality of the parent company.

Premium workmanship, practical stowage spaces, modern, trendy design and the unmistakeable look of this cult object – it is not only retro fans who love our T@B!

Knaus continues to invest in the T@B brand and significant changes include giving a more ‘automotive’ up-market feel to the caravans. Bodyshells are slightly longer and higher and there are external mouldings, grab handles, LP cover and rear lighting which are all upgraded.

There's nothing ordinary about a T@B teardrop caravan - it’s full of surprises

T@B brand has revolutionised caravan design for the smaller car and family

Design-orientated campers welcome this fresh, "outside the box" thinking, with its cool silver looks coupled with Tabbert's legendary build quality.

Like VW camper vans this little van attracts its own cult following


T@B caravans Range

T@B 320 RS

T@B 320 RS

Up to 5.18m

T@B L 400 TD

T@B L 400 TD

Up to 5.96m