The KNAUS TRAVELINO demonstrates that a good idea does not vanish into thin air. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The result is a congenial caravan which starts a new era in caravan construction. When a vision enters series production all indicators point to revolution. Ultra‐light Revolution Cube furniture construction – Fully equipped kitchen – Integrated LED lighting.
Knaus Travelino Caravan
Knaus Travelino Caravan


The interior design concept of tomorrow

  • UltraLight Caravan: 750 kg total weight
  • FibreFrame: patented frame technology
  • PowerAxle: lightweight chassis technology
  • U‐SonicBonded: ultrasonic connection technology

Organic forms, integrated LED light bands and lightweight construction: we have deviated from the well‐trodden roads in furniture construction and have redefined our vision of freedom. In doing so, we have developed a revolutionary interior with which we are launching a new era in caravan construction.



Knaus Travelino 400 QL

Dimension (L x W) 519 x 215

KNAUS Travelino living

Layout - Living

KNAUS Travelino Sleeping

Layout - Sleeping



  • Living
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping

Ultra‐light Revolution Cube furniture construction
Integrated LED lighting
Intelligent room arrangement
Fully equipped kitchen

Revolution Cube furniture construction – Completely new furniture forms and shapes with low weights but tried‐and‐tested stability.

Charging station -This is where you can easily charge your tablets and laptops easily with your USB cable. One special feature. Smartphones can be wirelessly charged through induction. In addition, through the direct integration into the furniture carcase behind the seat bench, the socket is not noticeable and offers a secure storage spot.

Knaus Travelino Caravan Storage
A compact kitchen with all modern functionality. Fully equipped kitchen – Lots of storage space and an extending counter-top, so that you can organise your workspace optimally. Spacious 80‐litre refrigerator – Even in an ultralight caravan, a refrigerator for your supplies must be on board. Unique materials – Thanks to the carcase made of expandable polypropylene, an entire wall unit only weighs a few kilos but still stores your kitchen utensils without a problem.
Knaus Travelino Caravan Kitchen

The seat bench quickly converts into a bed but in addition the bed in the front, TRAVELINO also optionally provides two seating group in the rear and front. With only a few moves, both can be transformed into a double bed so that four places to sleep are created.

Intelligent room arrangement – For more range of motion and a better spatial feeling, you can cut the size of the bathroom in half. As long as nobody is using it, of course.

Efficient use of space – Thanks to the spacious mirror cabinet, fold-able washbasin and additional shelves.

Knaus Travelino Caravan


Example purchase price from: £18,999