When you deserve the best!

Experience the extraordinary feeling of space of the new STARCLASS. On the whole, its uncountable small details provide for a sophisticated living ambience. Highest quality materials harmonise perfectly with the exclusive upholstery design and spoil you at every one of your travel destinations.
Knaus StarClass
Knaus StarClass
Knaus StarClass


  • Comfort, exclusivity and quality
  • Luxurious interior
  • Spacious front lounge
  • Electric floor heating and LED Lighting

Spacious and Beautiful

It has everything you need, comfort, exclusivity and quality at the highest level. Integrated in a space‐saving manner and featuring excellent storage space, the high‐quality furniture provides excellent living comfort. You won’t have to do without anything.

The Pro. Tec-Frame has increased flexibility whilst maintaining and fully protecting the structure of your caravan body and all of your upholstery and fabrics are manufactured using only fire retardant materials.

The StarClass also comes with the added peace of mind that anything labelled ‘Made in Germany’ ensures the StarClass leaves nothing to be desired.



Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 480

Dimension (L x W) 672 x 232 Max Beds 2.

Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 550

Dimension (L x W) 732 x 232 Max. Beds 4

Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 560

Dimension (L x W) 750 x 232 Max. Beds 4

Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 565

Dimension (L x W) 5487 x 2299

Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 690

Dimension (L x W) 810 x 232 Max. Beds 4

Knaus StarClass 480LB Layout

StarClass 695

Dimension (L x W) 810 x 232 Max. Beds 6



  • Living
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping
The luxury lounge that goes with you Since the lounge is so variable, almost anything is possible. Through the clever combination of a drawer chest & table, a cosy dining room table can be set up in just a few easy steps. And in no time at all, you will once again have room to relax, dream and cuddle. Variable storage space
As standard equipment, there is a storage box at seat bench height in the front. The bench includes a comfortable seat cushion. Integrated table
A large optional chest of drawers is also available with an integrated, retractable table. The foldable dining room table can quickly be set up & can be stored in a spacesaving manner in the bed drawer. Extendable sleeping area
For even more comfort, the seating group can be extended into a spacious relaxation area. For the variant with optional large chest of drawers, the bed conversion structure can be easily completed.
Knaus StarClass
A recipe for success. Take one superbly designed kitchen add top of range appliances and your feel good holiday factor. STARCLASS ensures your holiday menu will not lack anything. High‐quality electronic appliances From the microwave to the oven and the refrigerator: here, you will find everything you need. Practical hob
The hob features 3 gas and 1 electric burners. Spacious refrigerator
Up to 190 litres of volume and including a handy freezer compartment.
Knaus StarClass Cooking
No matter where your journey takes you, in the high‐quality beds, you will always enjoy the highest level of sleeping comfort and can start fresh in the next day. All STARCLASS beds ensure the best night’s sleep – just what you want on holiday. Bunk bed Option
There is an optional bunk bed available in the STARCLASS 550. The bed also provides an additional safe place to sleep for your guests, thanks to the protective netting. If it is not in use, it can be easily folded and then functions like a wall unit shelf.
Knaus StarClass Sleeping
Knaus StarClass Sleeping


Example purchase price from: £26,699