Sport & Fun

The legendary KNAUS SPORT&FUN is back and better than ever before. The new design provides an unbelievable amount of room for you to stow all the equipment you need for your leisure activities. Open the rear tailgate and put your bikes and camping equipment into the huge bowed compartment at the front of the caravan and you’re ready to be off to the destination of your choice.
Knaus Sport and Fun Caravan
Sport & Fun caravan
Knaus Sport & Fun Caravan


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  • 920 mm wide rear door
  • Height-adjustable bed (optional)
  • Roof rails & load up to 75 kg
  • Huge storage compartment in the bow section


Only one layout. It is as diverse as no other. Whether a stylish companion on holiday or a practical space miracle. The KNAUS SPORT&FUN can do both. This is ensured by the practical and highly flexible equipment, which in combination with the individual design ensure a unique camping feeling and, in addition also ensure that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



Sport & Fun 480QL

Dimension (L x W) 625x 232

Knaus Sport and Fun Caravan - Layout Living

Layout - Living

Knaus Sport and Fun Caravan - Layout Sleeping

Layout - Sleeping



  • Living
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping

The SPORT&FUN not only transports two motorbikes if needed, but is also ready to adapt to any activities you may choose. It’s not only extremely functional but also very stylish – a genuine all‐rounder.

Room for movement
You’ll sleep soundly in the height‐adjustable bed (optional), no matter how tall or small you are. To create more space in the bowed compartment at the front of the caravan, you raise the bed and to make it easier to climb into, the bed can be lowered, making your life so much more simple!

So clever!
Although the SPORT&FUN has the attributes of a conventional caravan, it can easily accommodate two motorbikes or alternatively a large amount of luggage whilst you are travelling. The fold‐up bed not only makes it possible but is quick and easy to store and erect.

In addition there is a pull-out padded stool which tucks neatly away when not required and provides an extra seat if needed.

Robust build
The design is so attractive that you don’t even notice the solidity of the build. The floor specification is to the same finish as that used in yachts.

Knaus Sport & Fun Caravan

Holidays make you hungry and cooking in this kitchen is a lot of fun. With the heavy duty work surfaces, 3‐hob stove and sink, it provides you with a practical kitchen, including a large fridge and plenty of storage space.

If only every camping kitchen was so compact and well laid out!

Knaus Sport & Fun Caravan
Who wouldn’t look forward to a comfortable XXL bed after an eventful day in the fresh air? Stretch out your legs, close the curtains – and look forward to tomorrow! In addition, there is a high quality bed with a 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress, which can easily be folded away if more space is required in the bow compartment of the caravan. As an alternative to the foldable variant, in the SPORT&FUN version you can also select a height‐adjustable bed with elaborate adjusting mechanisms. In this way, the bed can also be used if the transport capacity of the rear garage is maxed out. Storage
A clever hammock type design has been used to provide storage for clothes, laptops and items that would otherwise be strewn all over the caravan. Making use of all available space, the round shape of the seating area provides an integrated storage shelf which doubles as a bedside table.
Sport & Fun sleeping


Example purchase price from: £18,999