Deseo Caravan

Last summer, our new TRAVELINO kicked up a storm – and now we’re taking the next step with the DESEO. Our heavy lifter with the large tailgate was completely redesigned and inherits the revolutionary gene.

Due to state‐of‐the‐art FibreFrame technology, we were able to make the DESEO even more flexible and spacious. The variable room arrangement and pioneering construction ensures the perfect balance between utility and living spaces, such that two full motorbikes can also be transported. At its destination, the DESEO then transforms into a fully‐equipped, comfortable caravan.

Knaus Deseo Caravan
Knaus Deseo Caravan interior


  • Foldable bed to make space for two motorbikes
  • Up to 8 cubic metres of loading volume
  • Revolutionary design with support wheel and load indicator
  • Sleeps up to 4 people


There is so much room that it’s hard to know what to do with it: In the DESEO, you can take everything with you that cannot be left at home. Whether it’s a motorcycle, surfboards or bicycles: Everything is well‐secured in the storage space, that the motorhome remains so comfortable – despite all of the luggage – is a result of the excellent work of our interior designers.


“Design your own caravan, selecting the equipment and furnishings to fit your needs, all at a very reasonable price”




Dimension (L x W) 599 x 230

Knaus Deseo Caravan - Layout Living

Layout - Living

Knaus Deseo Caravan - Layout Sleeping

Layout - Sleeping



  • Living
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping

We designed the vehicle in a highly flexible and really comfortable fashion, with excellent equipment and a cool style.

Additional storage space:
Even the space underneath the seating area is perfectly used in the DESEO.

Spacious wardrobe:
Lots of room for storing several weeks’ worth of clothing.

Revolutionary construction:
The rail for the lifting bed is directly integrated into the B‐Pillar of the FibreFrame.

Knaus Deseo Caravan
Knaus Deseo Caravan cooking
Knaus Deseo Caravan sleeping
Knaus Deseo Caravan sleeping


Example purchase price from: £20,199