Knaus Caravans

Knaus offering even more choice to UK customers. For 2019 Knaus is introducing some of its European layouts to the UK market. This is a fantastic opportunity for Barnsdale Leisure to offer alongside the Knaus 2019 UK models a range of European model layouts that were not previously available to us for the UK.

This is a great move by Knaus to expand their product offer and support retailers yet further as they seek to develop the brand in the UK. It also gives us the opportunity to respond to current customers who have been seeking particular interior layouts that suit their own individual circumstances.

Customers are the main focus for Knaus and the two most important elements of the range are practicality and excellent design. Everything must work like clockwork but at the same time look simply outstanding.

When Knaus creates new interiors, customers can be sure these set new standards for weight, stability, workmanship and design. Their vehicles have been designed using automotive and aerodynamic techniques. This not only makes them look good but helps save fuel and protect the environment.

Durability, timeless design and reliability, these are what you can count on with every Knaus caravan.

Knaus was established in 1960 and is the 2nd largest leisure vehicle manufacturer in Europe

The inside build quality is ‘phenomenal’ and made to function in conditions not covered by other manufacturers. Built in Southern Germany for cold climates in North European countries, the caravans are well insulated, guaranteeing a warm and comfy stay

Knaus is the only manufacturer to make a caravan to full UK specification


Knaus Caravans Range

Knaus Deseo Caravan

Deseo Caravan

Up to 5.92m

Knaus Sport caravan

Sport Caravan

Up to 7.50m

Knaus Sudwind caravan

Südwind Caravan

Up to 9.74m